The new real estate era

Since the 2008 crisis, the real estate market has not stopped growing, but for years it has been a digitally underdeveloped sector. Long processes, big costs, low transparency… Housfy was born with the mission of making easier the process of buying and selling properties. They define their release on the market as the arrival of ‘The new real estate era’.

Housfy contacted Bruma to design a real estate portal to help buyers find their new home and owners to manage the sale.  Our goal from was to minimize the learning curve for a wide range of users and to simplify the experience.

Making the buying and selling of properties easier

We designed a new home page where the main functionality was to search for properties but it was also important that the services offered by Housfy were clear and in sight: looking for a home, selling a property, getting a mortgage and real estate services.

Housfy’s information architecture was specifically designed to increase user trust and interaction with the platform.

The real estate portal had to meet the needs of users looking for a new home. But we also had to help agents who schedule visits and couldn’t cope with the number of daily calls.

So we integrated the calendar function to schedule visits to the properties in order to simplify and facilitate this process and make it more accessible in the mobile version. This allowed expanding the business, increasing the number of sales exponentially. If there were more visits to properties before the sale occurred.

How to sell a property step by step

Users needed to learn how to sell a property with full transparency and clarity. Often they did not know how to do it and this could cause insecurity and rejection towards a completely new platform.

We designed a cleaner and easier onboarding with relevant information about the property to increase the publication of properties on the Housfy portal and offer clearer information to the user.

In addition, we had to explain step by step what was going to happen and accompany them throughout the process to gain their trust.

That is why we designed a user panel to manage everything related to property: sale or rental announcements, mortgages, purchases, offers, documents, data about their neighborhood… And much more. All in the same place to help the users to manage their properties.

During the eight-month collaboration, our process included researching competitors, exploring visual directions, information architecture, user flows, and designing designs and solutions to better familiarize users with a product that is evolving this industry.

In summary, we develop and design the entire Housfy product suite that includes visual language, branding, web and mobile platforms. During the process, the Housfy team was extremely supportive and helped us navigate the complex world of property buying and selling.


  • Q&A sessions
  • User research
  • Feature improvements
  • Information architecture


  • Style exploration
  • Branding
  • User experience design
  • User interface design
  • Design system

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