The ecological footprint is wreaking havoc on our society, the level of carbon in the air is higher every day and we are reaching a point of no return.

Transport is the second most important component of the ecological footprint (23.4%). Citizens can reduce our footprint by modifying the way we move, using more public transport, the train, bicycles, scooters, electric motorcycles, etc.

We have a wide variety of services to change this, why not create a collaborative network of these companies that benefit the environment and also its users?

A collaborative network of transport services to reduce the ecological footprint

We had two great challenges: creating a platform to connect transport companies and offering users a tool that would encourage them to continue using these services.

To achieve the first goal, we created a platform where mobility providers could connect with each other, combine their services and measure market data. The idea was to increase the demand with these combinations and encourage users through promotions, gifts or offers.

An app that says how much carbon and money I save

In addition to the platform for mobility providers, we had to offer users something that would encourage them to change their journeys.

qomodo Wallet, is the application that measures the daily use of public transport and tells you what you save every day. This app also allows the user to have their tickets and cards in one place, pay for the use of each service and receive promotions and gifts for the carbon saved.

Improving is everyone’s business.

Together with the qodoqo team, we turned this idea into a product ready to be developed in just 3 weeks.


  • Feature improvements
  • Information architecture


  • Style exploration
  • User experience design
  • User interface design
  • Design system

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