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1/3 | 2020 – For TCF


2/3 | 2019 – For Verone


3/3 | 2019 – For KUNIK Studio

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March 2020 – Branding

We are working on a new visual identity about a virtual safe. We wanted to play with the concept of ‘encryption’ to generate fluid and changing branding.

November 2019 – Branding

KUNIK is a photographic studio in Barcelona that tries to achieve a global and differentiating image from other studios. We help them build their identity by focusing on framing the photographs.

September 2019 – Product Design

We’re helping EelpTEX making a new platform for Property Managers to take control of their tenants incidences. From UI to product experience. Stay tuned!

October 2019 – Partners

We started a new collaboration with Inkoova to build disruptive and innovative digital products.

September 2019 – Team

Helena Mena joins our team! Helena is a brilliant digital and brand designer with broad experience from agencies in Barcelona. We’re so happy to have you with us.

September 2019 – Product Design

We have helped Housfy to launch the new online booking process to increase the property visits.

October 2018 – Team

We are very happy to welcome Alex Díaz, an expert in Digitalization of Services and business development. Alex is a great addition to our team.

November 2019 – Branding

Bruma helped launch a new brand for Verone, a rental jewelry company that redefines how we can wear jewelry.

September 2018 – Partners

Bruma begins as a Digital Design partner for Housfy Real State. We are honored to collaborate on how the future of real estate will be.

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